What is Mediation?
The parties attempt to reach a resolution of their dispute with the assistance of a skilled mediator. The mediator is entirely independent and impartial and all information given to him by the parties remains fully confidential. The mediator will promote as far as possible common ground and a realistic settlement of a dispute between parties who may be a long way apart at first. The procedure is entirely voluntary and neither party is compelled to reach agreement. However mediation does have a good success rate.

Mediation services
Paul Randolph offers his skills as a mediator. He is an accredited mediator CEDR 1999, SPC 2000. He has mediated in numerous professional negligence and personal injury claims, commercial disputes, employment (including cases for the DTI), property and boundary disputes, and family financial conflicts.

Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution
This book is about conflict resolution through mediation, from a psychological perspective. Although partly written from a litigation viewpoint, it demonstrates how an appreciation of the psychological aspects of conflict and of the emotional strategies people adopt in dispute situations can assist both lawyers and non-lawyers in resolving conflicts.

"A fascinating insight into one corner of the new market" - Lord Justice Brooke.

Become an accredited mediator
Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Course in Skills for Successful Mediation, held regularly at Regent's College, London. Approved by the Law Society and Bar Council for CPD accreditation and by the Legal Services Commission and Judicial Studies Board.

Paul Randolph
Barrister, Lamb Building, Temple, London. Has over 30 years experience in commercial and industrial disputes, in Contract and Employment law, and now his practice is predominently mediation, while his practice at the bar specialises in Professional Negligence and Personal Injuries. Mediator and senior mediation course tutor. Lectures extensively on mediation in the UK and throughout Europe. Involved with several former Eastern Bloc States in revising their legal infrastructures and legislation, and preparing them for accession to the EU. See Paul Randolph at the 5th International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution University of Liverpool, April 2007 (video 37MB)

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