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Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution
Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution
This book is about conflict resolution through mediation, from a psychological perspective. Although partly written from a litigation viewpoint, it demonstrates how an appreciation of the psychological aspects of conflict and of the emotional strategies people adopt in dispute situations can assist both lawyers and non-lawyers in resolving conflicts.

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  Freddie Strasser PhD is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Psythotherapy and Counselling at Regent's College. He is also a lecturer, supervisor and a psychotherapist in private practice.

Paul Randolph is a practising barrister (called 1971) and an Accredited Mediator (CEDR 1999). He has mediated in a wide range of commercial and non-commercial disputes and has lectured on mediation throughout the UK and in Europe.

"This book provides a fascinating insight into one corner of the new market. One of the authors is a psychotherapist and the other a barrister of great practical wisdom. In his foreward Lord Slynn of Hadley advises us to read Part 1 of the book at least twice. It is called 'Principles and Theories of a Psychological Approach to Mediation'. We would all be much better at our jobs as lawyers - and judges - if we read it at least ten times. Perhaps we would then achieve a clearer understanding of what litigants are really looking for when they entrust their problems into our hands."
Sir Henry Brooke, Lord Justice of Appeal (Vice-President of the Court of Appeal, Civil Division).

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"Conflict mediation has never been given the serious consideration that it deserves, perhaps because it runs against the traditionally adversarial ethos of the legal profession. Now in this groundbreaking work, Freddie Strasser and Paul Randolph get serious about mediation. They convincingly argue that mediation is, in effect, a form of psychological counselling and that mediators should avail themselves of the wealth of theoretical knowledge and pragmatic wisdom that this field has to offer. I cannot imagine that anyone seriously involved with the emotionally fraught world of mediation could fail to be inspired and informed by this thoughtful and eminently practical book."
David Livingstone Smith, PhD Professor at University of New England. Director, New England Institute for Cognitive Science and Evolutionary Psychology.

"Mediation services are a major part of the Government's commitment to encourage the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to reduce the pressure in the courts. This book highlights the advantages of mediation - not only that it saves lengthy and costly legal proceedings in the civil courts, but also that it has a crucial role in the community in general. The authors have clearly demonstrated that, through an understanding of the nature of conflict, and by preventing disputes multiplying or escalating, mediation can be a valuable tool in promoting social cohesion."
Baroness Scotland of Asthal QC