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I try to keep my sites as simple and clean as possible, with a minimum of extra coding to ensure speedy download. The sites listed below are in chronological order starting with the more recent ones. Whilst I have always paid attention to the need for compatibility in different browsers (which is an important aspect of site design) in my more recent sites I have also spent more time to ensure that the site is accessible to all users. I have also been more careful to ensure that my sites are fully compliant with the law in the jurisdiction where they are established.

www.Qmediate.com.au (live site)
a commercial site promoting and offering mediation services in Queensland. It used to use a file management system, but in the end it was easier to revert to plain old html + javascript. This site has a swish easily updatable menu system and footer links to aid navigation around the site.

www.setgems.com (link disabled)
a commercial site made for a client. It used a file management system which the client could update easily. The site provides a catalogue of products, with prices only shown to users who log in with a password provided by the site operator. There are product enquiry and password request forms, as well as product search and sorting functionality.

www.DirectDocs.com.au (live site)
my commercial site covering the legal services I provide in Australia in the field of superannuation law and tax, in particular for UK migrants and Australian ex-pats. The site includes a working shopping cart for online sales using Paypal as the payment gateway. The online purchases are completed by secure download link organised server-side.

SiteCompliance website (uk) (archived version)
a commercial site covering legal services in the area of website and internet law. The site included various mouseovers, headers, footers and other techniques, including capacity for a shopping cart for online sales.

SiteCompliance website (au) (archived version)
Australian version of the UK site compliance commercial site covering legal services in the area of website and internet law in Australia. The site includes various mouseovers, headers, footers and other techniques, including capacity for a shopping cart for online sales.

www.LADR.co.uk (archived version)
information site for LADR (Lamb Building Alternative Dispute Resolution) which used to provide mediation services in the UK from Lamb Building, Temple, London. Includes a feedback form for potential customers.

www.GoProg.com (live site)
commercial (e-commerce) site for my windows debugger application, GoBug. Includes scrolling testimonials (on index page), mouseover screenshots (on specifications page), and a link to a payment gateway (on checkout page) for instant purchase via downloadable link.

Paul Randolph's mediation site (archived version)
commercial site for Paul Randolph who provides mediation services from his base in the UK. The site includes a short flash introduction, an online order form for his book, and various links to videos etc.

www.GoDevTool.com (live site)
simple information and resources site for assembler programmers who write Windows applications. There are various free development tools available from this site, all written by me.

Lamb Building website (archived version)
commercial site for barristers chambers at Lamb Building. This site is no longer supported by me and it has been replaced with another site. Although it served its purpose well at the time it now looks rather dated. However it did brilliantly in the search engines because of the numerous internal links. Hopefully the search engines will no longer be interested in this, since I have now inserted a number of noindex, nofollow meta tags! This site should be viewed for historical interest only.

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